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Sold: Renn Woods In Concert

The set at the Pittsburgh Playwright Theater at 937 Liberty Avenue had been transformed to look like the front area of a club, and over the next two hours it would become various locations, including grandmother’s house, rehearsal area, mother’s hospital room, and the airport, the drama allowed the audience to successfully use our minds to go those places that created the framework for the of Star of the show, Renn Woods.

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Sold: Renn Woods In Concert (A Play in Rhythm and Blues)

Former child star and teenage heartthrob actress/singer Renn Woods, best known for her roles as Fanta in the Emmy Award winning TV mini-series Roots, her unforgettable interpretation of "Aquarius" in Milos Forman's movie musical Hair, and as Dorothy in the first national tour of the Broadway musical hit The Wiz, has written a new stage musical, titled Sold: Renn Woods In Concert (A Play in Rhythm and Blues) adapted from her successful autobiographical one-woman show, A Diva Like Me. Musical selections from the first act of the new show will be presented for an invitation-only audience of theatre industry executives on Saturday, Oct. 20, 7 PM in PH1 Studio at Shetler Studios, 244 West 54th Street, 12th Floor (and short stairway to Penthouse 1).

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Renn on the Set of Church

A new musical feature film. Renn plays the role of Sister Dee, a beloved member of her church community. The Black Film Festival awarded "Church" Best Religous Feature of 2011 and it was awarded best Christian Feature of 2011 by the San Diego Film Fest.

Renn with Bob Iger at the Disney Legends Awards Ceremony

Renn sang "Legendary You" inducting Elton John into the Disney Hall of Fame. Peter Jennings was also inducted at this event.

Renn Woods sings tribute to the late great Robert Altman at private awards gala

Film, television, and stage legend Renn Woods performed a tribute song that she wrote for legendary film producer Robert Altman in front of 150 guests at a private awards gala held during the 2006 Malibu Celebration of Film festival.

Altman, who is known for such films as MASH, Gosford Park, Prairie Home Companion, Kansas City, Short Cuts, McCabe & Mrs. Miller, Nashville, Cookie’s Fortune and The Player, received the festival’s “Courage” award.

Renn Woods first worked with Altman in A Perfect Couple when she was a teenager.

Renn Woods commented, “I am very honored to sing for Robert Altman at his special celebration of his legendary career. Robert and his wife Kathryn have always been very kind to me during my career and I am thrilled to be able to help him celebrate his special night by singing this song I wrote for the occasion.”

Other celebrity guests attending the gala included Elliot Gould, Lindsay Lohan, Virginia Madsen, John C. Reily, Malcolm McDowell, Sherilyn Fenn, Rene Auber jonois, Kathleen Quinlan and Ray Liotta.

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